Richmond Park

The Walker's Guide
by David McDowall

192pp with sketch maps, illustrations and line drawings
2006 edition completely revised and much enlarged

ISBN 09527847 4 2
Price £9.99

'There can be no better way to enjoy Richmond Park than on long walks through the changing seasons. This beautifully crafted book enables you to enjoy the Park with a true understanding of its rich history and also offers some challenging perceptions for its future survival.'

Simon Richards,
Superintendent, Richmond Park

'If you already know the park you will discover places you have not noticed -- prehistoric barrows, medieval field systems, the remains of long lost houses -- and your eyes will be opened to the extraordinary wealth of trees and birds to be found.'

Dame Jennifer Jenkins,
Chairman, Royal Parks Review Group

'...the book should be an indispensable pocket guide for newcomers and aficionados'

Richmond and Twickenham Times

Do you know --
- where to look for prehistoric remains?
- how the Park's trees and flora were traditionally used?
- where to find traces of medieval roads, field boundaries, hedgerows, coppices and ploughing?
- where or what the Tudor White Conduit is?
- what or where 'Lambert Hawes' and 'the Great Sleyt' were?
- who championed your right of access, and where?
- what Petersham Park looked like in 1700?

Eleven walks are arranged as an historical progression. They are also designed to take you to most parts of the Park:

  1. Prehistoric and ancient sites
  2. The medieval park: the northeast part of the Park
  3. The medieval park: the south west part of the Park
  4. The seventeenth century
  5. Buildings of the eighteenth century
  6. The fight for public access: walking the perimeter of the Park
  7. The nineteenth century: a short walk
  8. The nineteenth century: a long walk
  9. The twentieth century
  10. Richmond Parish boundary
  11. The Isabella plantation

Appendices provide information on the trees and plantations, the deer, the birds and the ponds.

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