The Thames I
Hampton to Richmond Bridge

The Walker's Guide
by David McDowall

275pp with sketch maps, illustrations and line drawings

ISBN 09527847 2 6
Price £9.99

'An intriguing and immensely entertaining tour through one of the most important landscapes in England. The book will make a most engaging companion both on the walks and in the pub afterwards.'

Kim Wilkie
Author, The Thames Landscape Strategy

The Thames riverbank below Hampton has been the scene of some of Britain's most outstanding palaces and great houses. It was also the cradle of the English landscape movement of the eighteenth century. The idea of 'the pleasure Thames' has been in competition with 'the working Thames' until the twentieth century. It has an extraordinarily rich history.

Do you know --
- where six spinsters beat six matrons at cricket in 1775?
- how to cook a lamprey?
- where you may still see a seventeenth century Wilderness?
- how long it takes a waterman to row from Richmond to the City on the ebb tide?
- what was the real purpose of Bushy Park's Chestnut Avenue?
- how and why the view from Richmond Hill was saved?
- what connects Hampton Court with Valetta?

This book takes you down the Thames as far as Richmond Bridge in a series of eight circular walks which explore the riverbank and its immediate hinterland:

  1. Hampton and Molesey Hurst
  2. The medieval manor of Hampton Court
  3. The Tudor palace of Hampton Court and the riverbank to Hampton Wick
  4. Hampton Court: from Tudor to Wren
  5. Kingston to Teddington Lock
  6. Cross Deep and Ham: its Lands, village and House
  7. Twickenham: from country house to suburbia
  8. Petersham to Richmond Bridge

In addition there are sections devoted to Strawberry Hill and to Pope's Villa, and also much information on the river itself, river craft, the development of English gardens and the growth of suburbia.

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