The Thames II
Richmond to Putney Bridge

The Walker's Guide
by David McDowall

275pp with sketch maps, illustrations and line drawings

ISBN 09527847 3 4
Price £9.99

'David McDowall's second volume of walks demands passion from its readers and offers a wealth of fascinating observation, humour and perception in return. David peels back the layers of landscape to make the full memory and contrariness of the place come alive. Reading this book as you walk is to be accompanied by the most witty, informative and provocative companion you could wish for.'

Kim Wilkie
Author, The Thames Landscape Strategy

Do you know --
- where the rare native black poplar tree grows?
- where a church the size of Salisbury Cathedral once stood?
- whose leg was thrown off Hammersmith Bridge?
- where you might find the rare German hairy snail?
- where wild fritillaries once grew?
- how Kew Gardens acquired its first monkey puzzle tree?
- where Stamford Brook enters the Thames?
- why Welsh women walked to Hammersmith each June?
- who bought a naked slave and promptly married her?
- which garden imitates those of 'the Ancients'?

You can discover the answers on the following circular walks, which reveal the history of the landscape:

  1. Twickenham Park, St Margaret's and Richmond town
  2. From Richmond to Kew Bridge and back via Brentford and Isleworth
  3. Kew Gardens in the Eighteenth Century
  4. Kew Bridge to Barnes on the Middlesex bank, and back via Mortlake
  5. Chiswick House and Gardens
  6. Barnes to Hammersmith via Chiswick and back up the Surrey bank
  7. Hammersmith to Putney via Fulham and back up the Surrey bank

Also sections on
- The Thames: geology; the tide; early hominid and human habitation; regulating the river, authority, locks and weirs; embankment of the river, pollution, health and waterworks; cleaning up the river; harvesting the river banks; river craft; watermen; pleasure boats;
- Race-rowing and the Boat Race;
- Landscape, buildings and suburbia near the Thames: bricks; the English landscape garden and Palladian architecture; the suburban villa;
- Trees, roots and shoots; mycorrhizal fungi;
- Brewing, beer production; history of London's ales and beers.

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