West Surrey Cover large

West Surrey

The Walker's Guide
by David McDowall

264 pp; over 60 illustrations, 16 walks each with its own sketch map and meticulous instructions.

ISBN 978—095278478-4
Price £9.99

What was the landscape like before modern road and rail transformed it? This book calls eyewitnesses from history to show both walkers and armchair readers West Surrey's most beautiful terrain and how people in the past made a living from Weald, downland, greensand hills and heathland.

- Why were oak, ash, sweet chestnut and hazel so vital for our forebears?
- Which Surrey writer wrote a long lasting classic work on trees?
- Why do sunken lanes usually run north-south?
- Which Surrey squire inspired the Green Belt?
- What was the Tillingbourne's main industry?
- Where are the remains of England's first Cistercian monastery?
- How did people use the heathland?

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