Windsor Great Park

The Walker's Guide
by David McDowall

240pp with sketch maps, illustrations and line drawings

ISBN 09527847 6 9
Price £9.99

'This is a great read as well as an excellent guide, peeling back layers of history to reveal a landscape a thousand years in the making. The walks ... will take you across much of the Great Park's 4,000 acres... a much needed book for any visitor to the Great Park.'

Bill Cathcart, Superintendent of Parks, Windsor

Do you know --
- how many men ate their lunch together inside the Copper Horse?
- who it was who 'drives furiously like Jehu and is a mighty hunter like Nimrod?
- what is Bagshot Sand and where in the Great Park you will find it?
- to which illustrious regiment Queen Victoria gave her surplus goats?
- where Manor Lodge, Henry III's hunting lodge, stood?
- why China Island is so named?
- why 'Cumberland' is so deeply inset into the Obelisk?
- why a royal maiden was incarcerated in Cranbourne?

This illustrated guide contains six walks designed to reveal the story of the landscape, and also descriptions of what you can find in the Savill and Valley Gardens, and the significance of various flora. The walks cover virtually all of the publicly accessible parts of the Great Park, each with directions and sketch map. In addition there are short accounts of Windsor Forest, deer parks as part of the royal estate, and also the ecological and economic significance of the landscape over the centuries.

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